Target Analysis

  • Need to find how much you qualify for?
    • Are you getting the best rate?
    • We will connect you with the best lenders
    • Are you in the military? Special Military lending option
    • Unison HomeBuyer typically provides half of the down payment funds you need. The money this partner provides is an investment, not a loan, so there are no interest charges and no monthly payments.

Needs Analysis

  • Process to determine what you need based on three metrics
  • Did you know that over 50% of our team are born and raised in San Diego. With local knowledge we know the best neighborhoods, how it evolved and where it is going.


  • Targeted MLS search with more details than Zillow, Trulia, or any other real estate website
  • Off-market pocket listings
  • Inner-office search
  • Homeowner canvasing (marketing to homeowners that fit mold)
  • Broker and agent email outreach - we create an email outreach campaign to local agents and brokers with your needs
  • Intimate local knowledge of neighborhoods enabling clients to find homes they otherwise wouldn’t typically see


  • Available and flexible any day of the week in order to schedule a time that works best for you We will review options and preview properties that are potentially right for you before sharing
  • We offer video conferencing tours

    If you are out of town or unavailable one of our agents will provide you with a digital walkthrough

  • Ability to schedule private one on one showings


  • Negotiate & Accept Offer
  • Pre-Identify offer requirements to match seller wants
  • Legal council to structure offer correctly
  • Escrow Process
  • Diligence with home inspections and title review plus tough negotiation for repairs
  • Lending oversight with appraisal to ensure documents are filed in required time and justify sale price


  • Receive full deliverable (digital and hard copy) and keys
  • Access to House Happy Home Concierge Portal
  • Enjoy your new home!
  • Call us when you are ready to upgrade!