Karen Mendoza

  • Military Relocation Specialist

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Our Military Relocation Specialist has lived on and off military bases as a Marine Corps spouse for over 10 years. Her 6 PCS moves, including a remote duty station with her two children & constantly deploying Marine provides the personal experience that many active duty families share.

Professionally, Karen worked for the Dept. of Navy as the Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) Manager in their Family Service Center & provided assistance through their support programs to include: Information & Referral (I&R), Spousal Employment Assistance Program (SEAP) and Transition Assistance Program (TAP). Her Family Services Center was awarded 99.9% accreditation, which was the highest that year for the entire DON. The constant challenges of moving & re-adjusting her family to new locations offered the opportunity for career growth and volunteerism.

Karen was a military advocate during her husband’s service & continues to this day. She has been featured on Fox News National Live & People Magazine as an ambassador to the military community. From individual KIA honor campaigns to larger local & national non-profits programs, Karen has actively been engaged with the military community for over 20 years through her volunteerism. She has sat on various levels of different boards, including Camp Pendleton’s OWC to OSU’s ROTC - Living Legacy Board and frequently shares her creative brain with others who are wanting to make a difference for the military community she respects and admires.

Karen has resided in the San Diego region for the past 13 years with her dog & enjoys the southern California lifestyle.