Fernando Famania

Fernando G. Famania recently joined Beal Real Estate, overseeing, underwriting and managing operations for all aspects of the advisory firm. He brings an all-encompassing approach to Beal Real Estate utilizing his experience in a wide arrange of complex real estate transactions. Famania’s extensive professional background extends from roles at JP Morgan Chase, First Investors, Pacific Fealty Private Equity Fund, La Jolla Development Group as well as REIG Asset Management. Fernando emphasizes strategic financial analysis, capital market evaluation, value add based principals and capital structuring to ensure his clients are positioned to succeed. Fernando takes a macro-economic approach and implements it into Beal Real Estate objectives to continue to achieve a high level of success for his clients. 

Fernando has over 11 years of experience in the investment industry with a specialization in analyzing prime investment opportunities throughout many public and private equity markets underlining residential and commercial real estate. He has managed portfolios over $50MM as a financial advisor and has obtained a variety of professional investment designations in the past. Fernando has also underwritten, acquired and sold over 200+ real estate transactions in the last 7 years for local real estate developers in Southern California. With his strong relationships in the industry ranging from high net worth individuals to institutional firms, Fernando contributes to Beal Real Estate by achieving the highest level of success.

Famania also takes great pride volunteering at Junior Achievement & Habitat for Humanity during his free time.