Property Management

At Beal Real Estate we pride ourselves in our comprehensive property management services. We treat every property as if it were our own multi-million dollar investment that we are looking to lease. Our full service management starts with the inspection of your property with detailed condition issues, while offering our advice on how to maximize the safety and rent-ability of the premises. In addition, we provide:

1.   Screening of prospective tenants. Checking credit history, references, and background. Haphazard tenant screening and tenant selection, all too often, can result in problems for everyone. We limit this headache by double and triple checking all avenues of information.

2.   Well written leases: Getting all the important terms of the tenancy in writing, beginning with the rental application and lease or rental agreement, including addendums that address important concerns.

3.   The proper handling of security deposits into either an escrow account or bank account and using fair practices in setting and collecting such security deposits. Inspecting and documenting in detail, the condition of the property prior to move-in and again at move-out to avoid any and all disputes regarding the security deposit return after the move out.

4.   Repairs. In the event that anything were to happen during the lease or rental and repairs need to be made, we assure you, these issues will be taken care of quickly and without conflict. Having happy tenants is as important as having happy clients. At our disposal, we have acquired a multitude of contractors and vendors that we can call to address any issue, when they arise.

5.   Provide notice before entering. Respecting tenants rights to privacy. Providing as much notice as possible, with at least 24 hours minimum notice required by state law, except in cases of an emergency or repairs.

6.   Obtain the proper insurance needed. A well-designed insurance program can protect you from lawsuits by tenants and from losses to your rental property caused by everything from fire, floods, and storms to burglary and vandalism. We have an immense experience with risk management unlike any other real estate firm.

If you are interested in Beal Real Estate managing or leasing your property, please contact us at and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.