Jarod Bona

Jarod M. Bona is a Harvard Law School graduate and former federal appellate clerk that practiced at DLA Piper and Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher before starting his own law firm.

Mr. Bona resides in Rancho Santa Fe, but also has inactive licenses in Minnesota and Virginia, and has a national and global practice.

Mr. Bona has represented global clients in a wide variety of antitrust and competition matters, including issues arising from intellectual property disputes or settlements, agreements among competitors (i.e. price fixing, market allocation, and group boycotts), merger and acquisition transactions, resale-price maintenance programs, Noerr-Pennington, state-action immunity, labor-exemption, real estate, and government investigations.

Jarod has also represented clients in many business and real-estate litigation disputes, including, for example cases involving trade secrets and intellectual property, breach-of-contract, fraud and misrepresentation, tortious interference, malicious prosecution, RICO, unfair and deceptive trade practices and securities. Mr. Bona frequently publishes and speaks on antitrust and competition developments, and is the author of The Antitrust Attorney Blog.

So why did an antitrust attorney just join Beal Real Estate? Good question.

Over the last decade while real estate markets were collapsing, Jarod and his wife invested in real estate: mostly rentals and flips.  Mr. Bona then decided to create an affiliate law firm that that targets real-estate investors in California and focus on real-estate transactions, among other issues that real-estate investors might find useful. Between Bona and Beal, they have built a strong client base of real-estate investors, including developers.