Business partners Jordan Beal of Beal Real Estate, and Greg Moser, Vice President of Beal Real Estate) discuss the steps to being a successful entrepreneur and share their story on how they formed their partnership. Prior to launching Beal Real Estate, Jordan had been practicing law for seven years in San Diego, working for a large real estate developer. With the legal background that Jordan had, he needed someone in marketing in the startup world. Upon connecting with Greg, Jordan realized that his partnership with Greg would be a perfect merge.

Greg, the “tech brain” of the two, has a background in software for the last fifteen years. More specifically, Greg’s technology background has been centered around digital marketing, which was exactly what Jordan was looking for when he began Beal Real Estate. Greg runs a venture group that partners up with innovative local companies in San Diego. Greg’s venture group comes in and helps these companies scale, whether it is with capital raising or overall management strategy. According to Greg, the start-up scene in San Diego has really been blossoming over the last five to ten years. In relation to Beal Real Estate, Jordan acknowledges that a brokerage must also operate as a marketing firm. According to Jordan, proper marketing is composed of both the online scale as well as the door-to-door method of marketing. Where Greg comes in is his help with the online and technology aspect of their marketing.

Greg notes that marketing has really changed a lot in the last fifteen years. It used to be more of a creative endeavor or a branding exercise, however, what we have seen in the last fifteen years, with the advent of the Internet and attribution, is that marketing has become more of a data driven game. In other words, marketing has become more of a science and less of an art.  People with that strong technology background can play a big role in marketing today where they may not have in the past. Taking some of the learning’s that have been developed in the Silicone Valley area to an industry that is a little bit older, like real estate, has been really advantageous. 

As far as what specific strategies Greg and his team use to market for Beal Real Estate, they use a lot of relocation services. Greg’s team knows that if they are moving people here to San Diego, these people are probably coming from places like Boston, the Cambridge area, or MIT, where there is a heavy biotech focus. Greg’s team has found that because there is a really good sister city synergy between these two areas, they will actually market and target there for people that are relocating to San Diego for work. Greg adds that the same principle applies to San Francisco. Greg notes that it important to realize that although local marketing is important, local marketing doesn’t just mean San Diego, it can also be local in other markets because of these corollary sister cities. 

Another marketing strategy Greg and his team use is the act of retargeting on the Internet.  In other words, his team tries to identify and keep their properties for their client’s top in mind. Anybody that goes out to search for the perfect home comes across dozens of them in the process.  When those people come across Beal Real Estate homes, Greg’s team likes to keep them at the forefront by retargeting and constantly bringing attention to those homes.  Greg compares what they do as being similar to “those creepy guys that follow you around the internet with a pair of shoes from amazon or whatever you were looking at.” What they do is the same activity, also called retargeting, with their homes to keep them top of mind. Retargeting has proven to be a very successful method for Beal Real Estate.

In addition to being a brokerage, Beal Real Estate is a full service property management firm so when they have clients that are going through relocations, not only does Beal help them with temporary housing, but they are also looking for full time housing for them as well. This ensures that the clients can be at ease during the process of having to transition across the country or transition to a new job. Jordan himself has a bit of experience in relocating.  He is originally from New York, but has been in California for the past twenty years. What he calls home is the Del Mar and Solana Beach area, where he currently resides. Greg is also a San Diego native and was born in raised in Encinitas. Jordan notes that it is extremely important to know your community, and it is clear that both Jordan and Greg know the community of San Diego inside and out.